About us

Boki European Street Food is your go-to destination in Sioux Falls for a delicious and interactive dining experience. We're all about making your meal special by letting you create your very own gyro, filled with fresh, vibrant ingredients of your choice. Imagine building your own tasty masterpiece, tailored exactly to your cravings!

Whether you're visiting with friends, enjoying a meal with family, or stopping by for a quick bite, Boki offers a warm and inviting atmosphere where everyone can find their perfect gyro. Our diverse menu and friendly service make every visit a unique food adventure. Plus, Boki specializes in events catering across Sioux Falls, bringing our flavorful dishes and exceptional service to your special occasions

But our passion for great food and good times doesn't stop at our doorstep. We also bring our unique flavors to your events! From birthday parties to weddings, school fundraisers, and other events, Boki European Street Food offers events catering services that make every gathering special. Our team ensures that every event we cater is as enjoyable and memorable experience.

So come on over to Boki European Street Food in Sioux Falls, where creating your gyro is just the beginning of your flavor experience. Taste the goodness for yourself and let us be a part of your next celebration!

 For those ready to book, simply visit our catering page to explore our offerings and get started on planning your event.